is a hybrid designer that has been instrumental in large, international, multi-media ad campaigns, startup and Fortune 100 company app launches, groundbreaking social innovation design, experimental fashion and exhibition art.

currently attached to Project Music as an advisor.

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Design Advisor - Nashville Entrepreneur Center
Sept 2016 - Present

I'm the youngest design advisor in the Nashville EC. This is one of nine centers sponsored by Google, so you know it's legit. Since I started, I've been invited to speak at a panel, contributed my knowledge to many of the 200 cohorts and now working with the Metro-Nashvile's ITS department to bring open data to Nashville as part of the Bloomberg Philanthropies' What Works Cities Initiative.

Senior Mobile UX Designer - HCA IT&S (MCOE Team)
March 2016 - Present

Lead the charge in visual and ux design of a groundbreaking medical application across the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch. I also developed an open-source Mobile Design framework that is currently in the process of being deployed enterprise-wide for designers and development teams across HCA's network. 

Visual Design & UI Consultant - Audible, Inc.
Sept 2015 - Feb 2016

I was hired to help usher in Audible Channels, a hub for all short-form audio content that would exist within the Audible App. I was also in charge of the product's future vision for both Apple & Android Devices.

Design Director - Empty Space*
Sept 2014 - Present

Empty Space is a design effort comprised of a network of designers, creative technologists and artists that collaborate on projects. As the collective's leader, I assembled the team in 2014 to tackle a startup cohort @ DreamIT Ventures and to launch the world's first multinational bank consumer credit learning tool with Barclaycard.

Soon after, we were hired by Supra Office Solutions, Inc., as a consulting force to develop a pitch to their investors for their acqusition of EMSCO Scientific Enterprises, Inc. I lead the creative team to develop the visual identity and future brand strategy for EMSCO and any proposed acqusitions in the company's future. 

Since then, we've come together for other projects ranging from Fashion, Music and Social Innovation. 

User Experience Design Intern - R/GA New York
Jun 2014 - Aug 2014

Granted access to the Nike Sport and Nike Commerce Accounts, I helped shape the digital and physical experiences of Nike's Sneaker App launch, the sneaker campaigns of Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and prototyped top secret Nike products.

In addition, I worked with the presentation team to develop a compelling narrative of Nike's grasp of the 2014 World Cup (which the CEO of Prezi expressed his utmost gratitude for using his platform to create what he considered the best presentation the platform has ever seen), launched the FIBA World Cup Barcelona Campaign "Be the Baddest", and worked with Makerbot, Samsung, Fossil and Converse at my internship's end.

As you can tell, I've been pretty busy these last three years––get in touch to see what I'm up to now.